[Cdt-l] Anaconda Cut offf

Sly hikertrash at gmail.com
Tue May 4 15:39:50 CDT 2010

Years ago I did the cut off but it's my understanding over the past few 
years lots of work, trail and signage, has gone into the Butte route..  
If I were to do it again, especially section hiking, I'd take the 
official route.


On 5/4/2010 4:26 PM, Josie wrote:
> Hi all--
> I am planning a section hike from Rogers Pass (near Helena, MT) to 
> Bannock Pass (near Leadore, ID)-- about 400 miles on the regular 
> route. I notice that in the journals a lot of people are planning to 
> take the Anaconda cut off--it's about 100 miles shorter. My question 
> is this, does anyone know if besides being shorter, it's more scenic 
> or there is any other reason to take it? I asked this question a 
> little differently a few months ago and didn't get a lot of 
> response. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with either of 
> these routes? If the Anaconda route is just as good, it would give me 
> time to walk further on into Wyoming.
> Thanks
> Jo
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