[Cdt-l] Anaconda vs Butte 2011 Edition

Ryley ryleyb at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 14:45:13 CDT 2011

Here's some thoughts from a 2011 hiker.  I am not a fan of road walks at all, so that was my main concern when deciding between the two.

Butte Route is what I did.  Although there was not much actual paved road walking there was a lot more on graded gravel than Anaconda's dreaded highway walk.  The rest of the roads were dirt.  Overall, a similar amount of roads as Anaconda.  The "bonus" you get is a bunch of extra miles on nice new trails with nice views few and far between.  It reminded Chance of the AT.    Resupply on the Butte route is harder but still fine, either Homestake Lodge or Butte 3 times.  The main reason I can see to walk this way is because it's the official CDT (HYOH though, of course).

Anaconda I heard was mostly dirt, 17 miles of highway, and you walk through a decent town.   Sounds pretty good.

Both ways best part is the end, where they meet in the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness.  Beautiful.


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