[Cdt-l] Black Range Resupply

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We hiked the Black Range route southbound in the fall of 2006. Certainly we
hauled a big load of food and water out of Reserve. Our next resupply point
was the Lake Roberts General Store. They were shut for the season (in early
November) but opened it up for us when the dogs did not stop barking. We
had phoned them from Reserve to confirm we could get some supplies. However
I would not recommend a resupply from here heading north as snack food was
all that was available.
Certainly the Black Range was one of the highlights of the CDT for us
despite all the deadfall over the very well graded trail at that time and
long distances between water. I enjoyed climbing up the fire lookout tower
on Reeds Peak to get the panoramic view.


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> I would also put a plug in for resupplying on Hwy 35 at Lake Roberts
> General store 9 miles west of Sapillo. It seems to be an option left out.
> Actually referring back to the original CDTA guide book 2001. Ah yes, I'm
> one of the few that use these things as a reference tool. Have all 4. Cool
> to see how the trail is evolving.
> Looks to be slightly closer than east Mimbres 11 mi and Lynnae's I'm not
> sure. I've been there and has plenty of "snacks" but limited full resupply
> for such a huge section ahead.
> Most likely could send a box and supplement extra grub
> HC 68 Box 95,
> Silver City 88061
> phone- 800 224-1080
> And there's also the Spirit Canyon Lodge and Cafe  505 536-9459/ email
> info at spiritcanyon.com   Still open?
> If I was coming out of silver and heading to the Black Range, within the
> first day, I would also consider hitting up Pinos Altos 5 mi south hwy 15,
> "historic" buckhorn saloon/opera house for a bite and beer. 505 538-9911
> RV park there as well 888 388-4501 if ya drink to much!
> Neat little village
> Peace
> VD
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