[Cdt-l] 11 miles of new trail open in Carson Forest Northern NM Seg 31

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ca 10/1/10, I met Jerry and the mapping crew after dark in Lagunitas Campground.? Jerry, thanks for the water.??The new trail was nearly complete.? 
Thanks for the update and glad to hear the trail was completed during the pcta turmoil.? 
I encourage thru hikers to hike the new trail and give their feedback to Ley.? In a very limited survey, it seems that most hikers are still?taking the?roads from near? Lagunitas Campground to Cumbrus Pass.? 
I think this relo is good, but it does have some characteristics of ones that are slow to be adopted by the thru community.? Some of the trail at the top of Brazos Ridge is just fiberglass stakes in the ground.? The footing is good, but not as good as the road.? In two years I did not see a single vehicle on the road and the campground road is just as likely to have traffic, although for a much shorter distance.? Of course for nobos, you may not see much of the upper road under the snow.? When on top of the ridge, the snow was firm and we essentially took the new trail.? 
Jim / Rambler

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Maps 107 and 108, Segment 31, North of Lagunitas Campground.   
New trail has been built to get the route off of roads north of Lagunitas 
campground.  Walk north through the campground to access.  This is built all 
the way to the overlook at mile 5.6.  Once the overlook is reached, follow 
the road to mile 9.0 then resume again on new trail. Rejoin the old route at 
about mile 14.0.  Trail crews will be working on the piece between mile 5.6 
and 9.0.  If you see new trail continuing north past mile 5.6, it will 
probably end up being a bushwhack. (don't follow it)  It probably will be 
done when the SOBO group reaches NM next fall.   
Provisional maps showing the new trail are on the Bearcreek website.  If you 
are NOBO now, try to retrieve and print these maps before you reach Segment 
best wishes, 
Jerry Brown 
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