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> Well unfortunately god did create and cast a realm of fallen angels that
> are just as critical to man's "source of knowledge" on this earthly
> paradise. So the legend goes. And there is black magic running our lives in
> corporate symbolism, just as much as one desires all things too be "Disney
> like" magic. Look out there's a lot of hidden propaganda. Try to take the
> mousekiteer veil off.
> P.S. FYI- Walt himself was BF's with Wherner Vaun Braun, U.S. sanctioned
> x-nazi that jumped started Nasa and helped originally, along with Jack
> Parsons, design the rocket, that gets the shuttle to space to this day. The
> same rocket that reeked havoc in WW2. The interior design is infused with a
> pentagram, go figure.  But did they actually build the lunar surface in a
> Disney studio?
> All extreme occultist. OMG
> Life tends to be a choice of the lesser of two evils in this impure world
> on the quest for greatness. Dammed if you do dammed if you don't.
> You decide!
> Angels and magic are "one of the most" arcane paradigms in existence.
> "With a devilish wink,"  and yes I am a bit off!
> Majik Vulture Death CDT 2013?
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