[Cdt-l] Trail from Marias Pass to East Glacier

clément fradin clementbacchus at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 15:05:39 CDT 2012

Take it : great views + wildlife.

Le lundi 3 septembre 2012, Scott Williams a écrit :

> After 3 warnings about the trail from Marias Pass into East Glacier Park I
> thought it best to share them.  "Don't take it!" from Ranger, who did.
> "The worst most overgrown trail in Glacier.  Don't take it!"  From the
> backcountry permit ranger at Two Medicine.  "The worst trail of the trip."
> From Brown Bag, who just hiked in on it this morning.  Thank God I road
> walked/slack packed it into East Glacier Park because I was hungry two days
> ago as the road is almost half the distance.
> Shroomer
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