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I am all for recognizing Sam at Crazy Crook, but we shouldn't rush into a name change. I'm sure some of the CDT gurus can give us a more accurate history of why it is called Crazy Cook. I don't want the Native Americans, the BP, the illegals, the BLM, the Federales or the Mennonites across the fence - to get upset with the CDT. Mini Mart

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sam hughes funeral is july 13th at 10 a.m. at the hachita community center - they may take his ashes to the cemetary afterwards
I am going to the funeral from deming - if any hikers want to attend and plan on flying into el paso and then bus to deming - I may be able to get the hikers rate at the american inn - I will be driving down in the morning and can take about 4 people in the cab and maybe 4 more in the pickup bed - I will not charge anything since I'm going anyways 
575 494 4357
ks1007 at aol.com
let me know if anyone is interested
on another note I'm thinking that changing the terminus name from crazy cook to sam hughes memorial trailhead would be appropriate - thoughts on this??? I don't know how many of you know why it's called crazy cook but it's ancient history from the early 1900's

Deming, NM
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