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Hanging out a Gila Hot Springs for 2 days letting weather clear and my
resupply box arrive, I saw a family pull into Doc Campbell's trading post.
My box wasn't expected in for a couple of hours to I approached the family
and started talking to them and pretty soon I had a ride over to the Cliff
Dwellings and back.  


funny story, I came out of the Addie Canyon trail between hwy 35 and 15 at
the end of an all day snow.  I was a bit well wet and chilly and not sure
exactly where on hwy 15 I was so I tried to stop a few cars becuase on that
road that is all the cars there are.  


One slowed down and then swerved around me.  one stopped but he had a small
car, was smoking and had 4 lare dogs in it.  Better to die in the cold.  


Behind him two Mormon missionaries came up and stopped.  Asked me how I was
doing, no, they couldn't give me a ride, it was not their car, against
whatever policy they live by.  then one of them tried to give me the book of
Mormon. I declined- told them I had no room to share to carry it.


They drove on.  the next car heading north was a lady who took me all the
way up to Gila Hot Springs where I paid my $10 for 2 nights.  


I have been missing the trail.  I am comfortable being alone.  the stays in
my pack broke a mooring and they needed to be fixed.  Well, the pack is
fixed now and my GPS is still loaded. 


I have been thinking.





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On our first thruhike it took about an hour and a half to get a ride with a
couple in an RV.  They wanted to see some sights along the way, so we
started our hike south about 1:00.  We tried to hitch to Chief Mountain on
our 2nd hike.  After 45 minutes in the rain, we went to the Park
Transportation Office to get places on the shuttle.  It doesn't get you to
the border until about 1:00 p.m. though, so if you take the shuttle, keep
that in mind.  



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Subject: [Cdt-l] hitching to the start: east glacier to chief mtn

anyone had any luck at this? i am intending on starting SOBO from chief mtn
around june 15th.


my experience hitchhiking next to international borders has typically been
pretty bad. figured it might a $$$ saving possibility. probably will try it


Will Govus | http://willgovus.com/ | 706-669-3551 

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