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Thanks for the info. That was the impression I got. I'll definitely have my
GPS loaded with way points and my maps and compass packed. Should be a fun

As far as water in the fall goes, I'm under no illusions there. I plan on
having plenty of water stashes and staying up to date on the water
situation generally. What is the best water report for NM CDT? Is it BLM,
or is there another list that is updated by hikers? Or are there even
enough CDT hikers from September through November to keep good current

On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 12:15 AM, <Trekker4 at aol.com> wrote:

>  *    In '10 there was a lot of new in '10 BLM signed trail, new signs
> but no even faint trail; and, there was a lot of side to side walking to
> get around vegetation; I'd guess all that's still true, and believe it'll
> take 10-25 years for there to be a visible trail. Hikers wandering from
> sign to sign won't beat down much of a trail. I was brand new to GPS in
> '10, and about 3 mi W of one of the paved roads ran out of signs just after
> a tank at a fence corner, even through GPS said I was on the trail. I
> didn't trust the GPS, walked about a mi from the corner finding no signs
> and looking at 15 mi of open desert, with no reasonably close mountains for
> reference, to the next road on S side of Lordsburg. When I lost sight of
> the fence corner, and finding no signs, I turned around and walked back to
> the paved road and road walked into Lordsburg, the rancher whose land I was
> on gave me a ride most of the way back to the pavement, and I spent one
> night in a culvert under the road since it was all private property with
> houses near I-10. I found out later that I wasn't the only hiker that year
> who couldn't find the signs in far S NM. *
> *    I decided that probably the guys who put up the signs could easily
> see each other quite a ways apart when installing the signs, but not being
> hikers forgot that a man is much wider and taller than the signs. The
> skinny signs, vegetation growth, and knocked down signs made for many, many
> times when the next sign wasn't visible for several minutes. *
> *    Now, I'd easily trust the GPS; it's saved me many, many off course
> excursions on the CDT. I've felt every year since that the CDT signage was
> poor or non-existent in many places in every CDT state. Some of you like
> that challenge I know; I just want to walk, not play guess where the trail
> is located. I think I read that CDTC plans to fix the sign problem. I'll be
> done this summer, before they get around to it though.*
> *    And Ty, NM was in a severe drought in '13; in the fall, scarce water
> sources will be even worse than spring. Good luck.  *
> *Bob "Trekker" Brewer*
>  In a message dated 1/11/2014 12:48:39 P.M. Central Standard Time,
> tystandage at gmail.com writes:
>  Hello all!  Glad to be tapped into this knowledgeable group. I'm
> planning on doing the New Mexico section of the CDT this fall.
> I'm wondering about signage on this section of the trail. I've got my
> Jerry Brown Maps and am studying them religiously. Just wondering whether
> the bulk of the trail is hard to miss and whether there are specific
> segments that give some people trouble as far as staying on route.
> Thanks in advance!
> Ty
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