[Cdt-l] Gila River Flooding on Youtube

Larry Swearingen larry.swearingen at frontier.com
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That video is shown as taken on Sept 14, 2013.  If you look at the USGS river website that
I listed before you will see that the river down at Gila crested at 20-30,000cfs for a few days.
I guess that’s during the NM Monsoon Season that I’ve heard about.  Flash floods down
in the deserts with no rain in sight.  Reminds me of a trip I took in 1978.
We drove down out of the Gila Cliff Dwellings thru Silver City and west from Lordsburg.
The radio weather was putting out warning for severe dust storms and flash floods
at the same time.  That would have been early August I think.


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That sums this thread up quite nicely. It wasn't like that when I was there in early June 2008. Mini Mart

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Here’s some more info on past flooding of the Gila river.



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