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The Delorme maps are good if you need to bail or find walkarounds but
the CDT on Delorme is very and surprisingly inaccurate. I

On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 12:28 PM, Jim and_or Ginny Owen
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> When we hiked in 1999, we used a mixture of BLM 15 minute maps, NF maps and
> commercial maps, as well as some Delorme type map books.  Back then, the
> trail was much less defined than it is now and we found so many inaccuracies
> in each of the maps that you needed duplication in order to come up with
> something resembling reality.
> In 2006, Jonathan Ley had come out with his maps, so we used them combined
> with the other maps we had.  They were very helpful, especially the trail
> notes, but we still used the other maps because they had information that
> wasn't on the Ley maps (and vice versa.)  They were also easier for me to
> read (I printed the Ley maps on 8.5x11" paper.)   If I were to do it now, I
> probably wouldn't use the BLM maps, but I would continue to use the NF maps
> and the Delorme pages because they show all the other roads and trails in an
> area that aren't necessarily shown well on the smaller scale of the Ley maps
> and the Bearcreek books.  We have a couple of the Bearcreek map books, and
> they provide a lot of detail about the official route, but It is helpful to
> know where all the roads and trails go in case you need to bail because of
> fire, weather or injury or if you get off track.  The level of detail you
> get on the BLM maps isn't really necessary though unless you plan to create
> your own route (as we did north of Yellowstone) or do a lot of bushwhacking.
> Ginny
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> Does anyone on this list ever purchase USGS (1:24000) maps anymore for use
> on your hikes? I've been toying with the idea for the future. I know it's
> HYOH, but I'm wondering if anyone still hikes that way. The trail might be
> overgrown. But don't be shy to speak up even if you're a minority. That may
> be all the encouragement I need.
> Tom Laskowske
> "Uncle Walter"
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