[Cdt-l] USGS maps and unnecessary quad maps followup: printing

Tom-Kathy Laskowske tom_laskowske at wycliffe.net
Tue Jan 28 06:49:43 CST 2014

Thanks for the input. Only one response so far claiming active purchases,
and that is for off-CDT hikes.


On the whole, the discussion assumed I would be willing to print my own
maps, and that is one thing I would like to avoid. I like the detail of the
quad maps, for when I need it. But I haven't come up with an alternative for
hard copy that I don't have to print. I'd rather concentrate my focus


Uncle Walter



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Does anyone on this list ever purchase USGS (1:24000) maps anymore for use
on your hikes? I've been toying with the idea for the future. I know it's
HYOH, but I'm wondering if anyone still hikes that way. The trail might be
overgrown. .

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