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I commend all the map work being done out there in preparation of your hikes.   Would add that you should also take some "paper" maps which show "escape" routes.  Snow/rain/accidents can present some  interesting trip altering scenarios.  Beware the evil elk - they make wonderful trails that will lead you up the wrong canyon/mountain/primrose paths.   Ditto the dead trees that mimic trail posts.   All those lovely cairns - great homes for mice/lizards that the fox/coyotes love to dismantle in search for dinner. 
Finally spend time just looking about.  Compass and your eyes are important too.
Have fun class of 2014.  Every day will be a grand adventure.




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I've spent the past couple of months working on creating tracks and waypoints based on the Ley maps. I used the Bear Creek data for the official route, and added in all of the Ley mapped alternates, not just the major ones.  I also created waypoints from all the Ley notes.  

You can read details and download the GPX files at: 

It seems there are quite a few folks out there working independently on GPS/data stuff for the CDT.  It would be nice if we could all work together toward a common goal, making better use of everyone's time rather than duplicate work. 


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