[Cdt-l] Section Hike 2016 Southbound from Glacier in August

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You can fly into Whitefish, MT and take Amtrak to Glacier NP.  Once in Glacier, there is a park bus that will drive you to either the border and the Chief Mountain trailhead or across to Waterton PP, BC where you can take either of the two other alternate routes. I don't know whether your visa allows multiple entries into the US or not.  All three routes are good ones. 
My understanding is that the new reservation system has half the permits available in advance and half are walk-in.  Check the Glacier NP website for details.  You may have to hitch to St. Mary's or Many Glacier Ranger station to pick up the permit. 
In the Park you'll have to stay at campsites where you have reserved a spot.  How far you go will depend on which campsites you are able to get.  Early August could be difficult.  Late August a bit easier to get sites.  Unless of course there are active bear problems or fires, in which case you may not be able to hike the trail at all in the park.  South of the park you can camp where you choose.
Our mileage on the CDT was a bit less than on the PCT, but we were not in a big hurry either  (16 mpd vs. 19 mpd).  There is more time spent looking at maps and dealing with navigation questions, but the trail has gotten a lot better marked in the past few years, so that should be less of a problem these days.  Our biggest issues were either in fire zones where the trail was destroyed or in deep snow, where it was buried.  That shouldn't be too much of a problem for you.  However, do be prepared for snow to fall in August.  It can happen. 

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> Subject: [Cdt-l] Section Hike 2016 Southbound from Glacier in August
>  Having thru hiked the AT and section hiked most of the PCT, I want to start
> section hiking the CDT. Since I am in the US this summer for a family
> reunion, I am planning to hike south-bound from the Northern Terminus for
> about 400 to 600 miles.
> I have not done too much reading yet, though have followed some other
> hiker's journal.
> Perhaps somebody can give me some quick answers on the following:
> 1) Which is the best town to fly into (I will be coming from Maine, New
> England area)
> 2) Best way to get to the Northern Terminus, I believe there are two
> Terminus?
> 3) Best way to get around the permits when the exact dates are not clear
> yet?
> 4) How do the daily mileages in Montana compare to the AT or PCT (e.g. High
> Sierra)
> 5) Anybody else in the area late July and August?
> Thanks for your help
> Matterhorn alias Adrian from Switzerland
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