[pct-l] Lithium and Garmin, redux

Corky Corcoran corcoran at corky.cc
Wed Aug 16 17:12:23 CDT 2006

My experience:

Larry Keegan at Garmin Tech Support told me my Garmin wouldn't work 
because of the lithium batteries, and it didn't.

He had me replace them with alkaline, and it came right up.

Now, admittedly I was using cheaper lithium than the Energizer brand, 
in the belief, maybe mistaken, that they would be lower voltage, weaker.

And the cheap ones will run my Midland GSMR 5-watt (input to the 
final stage) radios, where the Energizers won't.  Those are voltage 
sensitive, because an over-voltage will generate more power than is legal.

The Energizer lithium batteries work in the Midland GSMR 4-watt 
(input to the final stage) radios where an over-voltage won't lead to 
an illegal output.

Keegan told me that the Tech Support people told the engineers at a 
staff meeting about a wide-spread problem with lithium batteries, the 
engineers looked into making the machines more tolerant, and that it 
would require too much reworking.

Delighted some folks can make them work.  May be a function of a 
super-sensitive component in some machines.

Poco Loco Solo Sobo Hobo 

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