[pct-l] OT: Donna's "Sigh" and the 1st Amendment

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Thu Dec 7 11:52:16 CST 2006

Trekker 4,  It's not true.
Lovely Tarvalee did not run off with me although, many times, I pleaded with
her to do so.
She said I am to brutish.
I thought, since you disappeared of the list right at that time, lovely
Tarvalee ran off with you after you took my advice and knocked on her tent
wearing cowboy boots with spurs, with shackles, bull whip and a container of
Viagra in your hand.
If not me, and not you, then who?

''SWITCHBACK''   that's who!!!........Lovely Tarvalee ran off with

I was wondering why he virtually disappeared off the list right about that
He is preoccupied with lovely Tarvalee.
Tarvalee, as you no doubt recall, was a real pistol.
Ahhhaaa......that is why Switchback did not make it up Mt. Whitney, it
wasn't the diabetics or old age as he had us believe, he was plain old worn
out playing games with Tarvalee.

SHAME ON YOU SWITCHBACK  corrupting a sweet, innocent and inhibited girl
like Tarvalee.
I think you should be banned from this site and forced to be a ''Trail
Angel'' for the rest off your miserable life to redeem yourself.
You are worse than a ''Trail Pirate''  you are nothing but a    ''R  A  T''

There now...........I got it off my chest..........and feel much better now.
I now can go back to my customary  ''Lurker''  status.

JMT Reinhold
Your slighted, rejected and broken harted trail companion

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