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You're actually correct on that statement...more people get sick from sanitation issues than contaminated water. For whatever reason, people seem to forget that they still need to wash their hands when in the wilderness....like all of a sudden our bowels are clean and fresh...rriiiigght. I guess it's another thing to think about as well when you are sharing a bite with your fellow hikers...do you know where their hands have been? 


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I found at mean old WalMart the Germ X Hand Sanitation Spray.  It weighs in at
.6 ounces.  The mini bottle of hand gel I was using weighs .5 ounces.  But I
like the spray better.  I think it gives better coverage for less product used.

I keep this with my bathroom kit and TP.  There is no reason not to be as clean
and sanitary as possible on the trail.  I suspect people get sick out there due
to poor cleanliness habits (and unknown dehydration).  I don't have any
proof of that, but it is my suspicion. 

Later, You Know Who
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