[pct-l] Calif Water issues

susan woodswitch at hughes.net
Mon Apr 6 08:58:02 CDT 2009

California has no reason to search anywhere for water. They have the longest
coast line in the US and they just need to use desalinization as they do in
Saudi - where they produce over 80% of their water needs this way.

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>It must really aggravate California water planners to know that Oregon and
Washington dump an average of 2,000,000 gallons of fresh water per second
over the Columbia River Bar into the Pacific Ocean.

Well, it helps that the Columbia drains most of Oregon, half of Washington,
at least half of Idaho, and parts of Montana, extreme eastern Wyoming and
some of British Columbia.  That's a fairly sizeable watershed. :-)

-Nathan Miller
Newberg, OR


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