[pct-l] Amount of water containers and a few random things.

Scott Bryce sbryce at scottbryce.com
Sun Apr 19 09:40:01 CDT 2009

Ellen Shopes wrote:
> Oh, come on, haven't you ever read the newspaper on the loo?  Or fell
> asleep mid-chapter?

Not on a hike.

> There's not alot of time to read, but for those of us
> reading-addicted, it might be worth the extra weight.

You can carry whatever you want to. The OP should consider whether he is
really going to have enough time to read on the trail. He is going to
spend a lot more of his time carrying those books than reading them. If
he thinks it is worth carrying the weight of several books, he should go
for it. But he really needs to think about whether he will actually have
time to read them.

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