[pct-l] What the PCT is really like?

Dennis Phelan dennis.phelan at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 12:10:48 CDT 2013

What is the PCT like?  this question reminds me of a old poem about several
blind men trying to discribe what an elephant is like based on the elephant
part they grabbed. One has the trunk, another has a leg, one has the tail
and the other has a tusk.  To me the PCT travels through many types of
geography and therefore is a different experience depending on where you
are.  The Southern California desert is going to be very different the
Serria's; which is different than Northern California and Oregon; which is
different than Washington.  Then factor in the weather from year to year.
Hiking in a high snow year (2011) is significantly different than a drier
year (2012).  So, what is the PCT like?  It depends.

On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 8:04 PM, Josh Breslow <jbreslowsubs at gmail.com>wrote:

> Thank you to everyone who replied to my email. I really appreciate the
> suggestions.
> Timothy, Six Million Steps was a great video and certainly showed a
> different side of the PCT than what the other videos showed. I like how it
> was broken down and even showed a little bit about returning to the "real
> world". Sorry to hear about your burned leg(s). I hope they are healing so
> you can get back on the trail.
> Snailtrainer, my girl friend has been following mukmuk a bit more than I
> have been. She has certainly gotten some attention from her scare. Glad to
> see she is moving past it and still walking.
> I will check out the other books as soon as I can. The Ray Jardine book is
> a great suggestion but that IS an expensive book. I will have to see if my
> library has it available to borrow. This really makes me appreciate digital
> downloads, nice to see that option available John. :)
> Josh
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