[pct-l] Resources for sub 4-month thru-hike (Walkie-Talkie)

Paul Mann mrsmannslittleboy at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 14 14:40:02 CST 2014

Due to needing to finish the trail by early September for work reasons, I knew I had to aim for under 140 days. I eventually finished in 135 and in the process missed the early snow that ended some peoples hikes close to the end. The main reason I finished on time was that early on in the planning process I made myself a golden rule of NEVER double zeroing, this stopped me spending too much time hanging around drinking in trail towns and forced me to push on regardless of bad weather or injuries.I never really set myself a target for each day as much of the time this is dependant on finding campsites/water etc, rather I set myself a time to reach the next resupply by. What tended to happen was that I'd have a big mileage day on the day before I reached a trail town when my pack was at it lightest. Walkie-Talkie  		 	   		  

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