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The beautify of section hiking is that you can cache your own water before
you start.

I section hiked this stretch in the winter of 2012-13. It was a dry year
with no snow at the time, but I found water at the three most reliable
springs from Highway 58 to Harris Grade.  Great time of year to be out in
the desert.

I met another party this spring who had cached a big bucket of food and
water at one of the road crossings in the desert.


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I was planning on section hiking Hwy 58 to Kennedy Meadows or Cranebrake Rd
(mi 680) mid-October, but the water report looks bleak with 35 miles From
Hwy 58 to Robin Bird Spring and then 30 miles from Willow Spring to Walker
pass. Should I plan on carrying enough water for 30+ miles regardless of
the season for this section? I'm thinking of delaying until mid-April 2015
when there should be more water. Thanks for any input. - Derek

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