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Thu Sep 25 13:35:11 CDT 2014

One day PCT Grizzly was downat the local trailtown saloon with his bros having a few cool ones.  The conversation was getting heated over whatis really hardcore hiker trash --- the elite of the trail.
Grizzly: You take you dog fora walk and both of you use the same tree. 
Hiker: No, no, no.  It is when the Salvation Army declines yourfurniture. 

Grizzly: I say it is when you come back from the dump with more than you took. 

Another Hiker: It is really a family thing. Your grandma has "ammo"on her holiday list. 

Grizzly: May be it is when you have been in a custody fight over a hunting dog.

Hiker: No, it is more of a domestic thing. Your house does not have curtains,but your truck does. 

Grizzly: Now we are getting close.  Alsoadd you wonder how service stations keep their rest rooms so clean. 

Another Hiker: I agree with the family thing. You consider your license plate personalized because your father madeit. 

Hiker: There is a earning a living aspect to it too.  Your lifetime goal is to own a fireworksstand. 

Grizzly: Now we are getting somewhere.  Thebiggest city you've ever been to is a Super Wal-Mart. 
Hiker: I am sure that HikerTrash would live somewhere when a tornado hits their neighborhood, it does $100,000worth of improvements. 

Grizzly: Hiker Trash are notdumb folks, but they might have missed their 5th grade graduation because ofjury duty. 
And so it goes into thenight.
Your obedient servant andtrail rascal,
Switchback the Trail Pirate

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