[pct-l] Sandals

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri Mar 6 02:08:47 CST 2015

This is true.
About 20 years ago I broke my big toe stubbing my foot against a rock
hiking in sandals in the Grand Canyon.

JMT Reinhold
Scott wrote:
I haven't hiked in sandals, but have met a number of people who have hiked
thru hikes in boots, sandals, Crocs, and even barefooted.   What I've heard
from those in sandals is that it requires a new way of walking with even
more focus on foot placement so as not to stub the front of your toes as
you hike along.  This is probably a healthy and more basically human way to
walk anyway, as we obviously were more careful with foot placement for many
thousands of years barefoot before we started making sandals.

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